I'm a graduate student in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington working towards a Dual-Title PhD in Astronomy and Astrobiology. Broadly, my research interests encompass the detection and characterization of exoplanets, with a focus on small, rocky worlds and exomoons.


I'm working to mitigate the effects of stellar variability that act to obscure exoplanet transits and RV signals. Stellar activity gives rise to brightness variations on the surface of a star which induce both photometric and RV signals. Modeling this variability as a Gaussian process allows us to detect planet signals with higher sensitivity and infer more precise properties. I'm interested in applying multi-dimensional GP noise models to this problem in order to further increase the sensitivity of exoplanet searches.

Because our ability to understand exoplanets depends on our ability to understand the stars they orbit, I'm also interested in stellar physics. I'm currently working on a project to accurately measure stellar rotation signals for the entire K2 dataset. I then hope to apply tools developed for this project to data from TESS.