I'm a graduate student in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington working towards a Dual-Title PhD in Astronomy and Astrobiology. My research interests are detection and characterization of exoplanets. I'm currently working with Professor Eric Agol to develop a multi-wavelength Gaussian process based noise model which we hope to use to search for exomoons using JWST.



I'm currently working to develop a multi-wavelength stellar noise model for transit light curves. Monochromatic Gaussian process noise models struggle to differentiate shallow transit signals from variability features, preventing the detection of single transits in cases where the transit depth is on the same order as variability amplitudes. Our multi-wavelength Gaussian process based noise model is capable of differentiating between transits and variability on the basis of their different wavelength dependences. We hope to apply this model to JWST observations of exoplanet transits in order to search for signatures of exomoons. For more information on this project, see my poster from Astrophysical Frontiers 2018.

In the past, I've worked on writing code to model synchrotron and inverse compton emissions from blazars, and simulating soft matter systems using a variety of numerical methods including Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD), Molecular Dynamics, and Monte Carlo methods.